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The idea behind the "services" section is provide a direct channell to team, partners and customers record yours demands from each to other using concepts inheriting from the e-mail, but withouth loose the history, improving the SLA monitor capability and the team performance management.

The basic workflow from each "service" is a simple way starting from filling a custom form in replacement to send a e-mail. When submited, the form data is stored on the system and confirmation and/or notification e-mail is sended to emissor and/or to the receptor.

To use the "services" you need a pass phrase. Use the form "Contact us" to ask about the pass phrase or to understand better the SYSTEM. 

Contact us

Timesheet Report Service

This service is to be used for those that need record your own work time and or record the work time from your team, Click here.

Simple Request Service

This is a simple and generic service to be used to request something for someone. Click here.

User Provisionig Service

This service provide a central pointt to provisioning system users. Comming soon.